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Fully occupied apartment building in Greven

Amount raised:
€ 125.570
Funding target:
€ 500.000
Total investors Funding target
€ 125.570 € 500.000
Holding period
5,5% Interest p.a.
18 Months ca. Term
  • Investment type Loan
  • Interest payments Semi-annually
  • Funding threshold € 400.000
  • Funding target € 500.000
  • Funding limit € 600.000
  • Minimum investment € 500
  • Available to invest € 474.430
Note in accordance with section 12 (2) of the German Investment Act (Vermögensanlagengesetz):
The acquisition of this financial instrument involves considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the capital employed.

Investment Overview

  • 5.5% interest rate p.a.
  • Experienced issuer with a strong track record
  • Minimum term of 18 Monaten
  • Interest paid every six months
  • Fully rented apartment complex
  • No fees for investors

Great Location


The city of Greven has attracted a number of large businesses, including the Deutsche Post, HSE24 and Aldi-Nord. Münster, a city with over 300,000 inhabitants and the cultural centre of the Westphalia region, is just 20 km away.

The apartment building in the Stauffenbergstraße 8-14 is in a quiet part of the city with good connectivity. The centre of Greven can be reached in just six minutes by bike. Extensive shopping facilities can be found there, including Rossmann, Rewe, Aldi oder Lidl. 

According to the real estate portal Immobilienscout24, the rent prices have increased by 33% since 2007 and now stand at €6.55 per m². 



Project An apartment building
Usage Residential
Living space 2,620 m²
Occupancy rate Fully occupied
Location Stauffenbergstraße 8-14, 48268 Greven
Funding-Goal 500,000 €
Minimum duration 18 months
Repayment Sale of the property
Interest rate payments Every six months


The issuer, d.i.i. 101 Immobilien GmbH, is a subsidiary of d.i.i. Deutsche Invest Immobilien GmbH. The parent company was founded in 2006 and has developed into a renowned asset manager with 160 employees. They have made it their focus to increase the value of property.

Due to a focused investment and development strategy primarily in growing regions like the north of Germany, Rhein-Main, Rhein-Rhur and Rhein-Neckar the generated returns are typically above market level. The d.i.i. currently has 2 billion Euros under management.


Datenschutzerklärung.pdf [ Deutsch ]
AGB_iEstate_GmbH.pdf [ Deutsch ]
Greven-Muensterland-Expose.pdf [ Deutsch ]
Widerufsbelehrung [ Deutsch ]
Risikohinweise [ Deutsch ]
VIB [ Deutsch ]
Nachrangdarlehensvertrag [ Deutsch ]

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  • 5,5% Interest p.a.
  • 18 Months ca. Term
  • Semi-annually Interest payments
  • € 474.430 Available to invest

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